About Rahul International School - Boisar

Every childhood needs to be a great one and a wonderful childhood is determined by many aspects of life like family, society, friends but more importantly, their school.

For decades, education focused on developing students' academic intelligence but not their emotional intelligence. However, we understand that a child’s EI is just as important.

At Rahul International School (RIS) every child is encouraged to be themselves, to grow and to empathize not just with others but with themselves while achieving academic accolades. We do this for the simple reason that students who explicitly learn how to recognize and manage their emotions reap positive benefits in their future.

Apart from this aspect, Rahul International School (RIS) is also well-known for it being an initiative of Rahul Education. Our core objective is to make good quality education available for children in places like Palghar, Umroli, Boisar & Vangaon. RIS offers admission to eligible students from Pre-primary to Class X. RIS provides immense benefits to the students who plan to appear for the competitive examinations for their higher education. With world class infrastructure, experienced and qualified faculty and efficient administrative set up that is being offered, RIS will focus on 'Be the Best' in this part of Palghar District, making it truly an international school any child would love. Our faculty and the wider school community proudly reflect the shared vision, commitment and energy necessary to ensure the individual success of every student; because we believe, that each student is unique, with equal potential to make a positive contribution to our society.

We aim to provide the direction, counsel and support that each student needs to reach his/her full potential during his or her childhood, which will further reflect in their adult life. While we have established high standards for academic achievement and performance, our educational programme has been created with an emphasis on the development of the child’s whole being.

Our Vision

“Education for All”

Our Mission

“Progress through Comprehensive Quality Education”

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