Secondary School

In Secondary School, we offer a range of educational experiences that encourage personal success for every student, while recognizing developmental needs and differences. Respecting different learning styles, teachers offer students opportunities to develop strategies that will help them benefit from academic challenges and discover their own strengths as learners.
The Secondary School comprises of Grade 6 to 10.
The Elementary School forms the foundation of learning for the learners, and the Secondary school, is wherein the learner not only acquires professional and educational skills but also grows to be more socially responsible. The subjects the learner takes up during these years are English (1st Language), Hindi (2nd Language), Marathi (3rd Language), Spanish (Foreign Language), Math, Social Studies, ICT, Art, Music and Sport.
As said in the Elementary school, the learners in the Secondary School are also given topics and areas of discussions, which are integrated with the pedagogy. The themes vary such as Journey to the world, Currencies of the world, 21st Century Global Skills, Disciplinary Approach etc.
The tradition of teaching non-mainstream subjects (Work Education, Science Club etc.) continuous in the Secondary School as well.

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