About Rahul International School

Every childhood needs to be a great one and a wonderful childhood is determined by many aspects of life like family, society, friends but more importantly, their school.

For decades, education focused on developing students' academic intelligence but not their emotional intelligence. However, we understand that a child’s EI is just as important.

At Rahul International School (RIS) every child is encouraged to be themselves, to grow and to empathize not just with others but with themselves while achieving academic accolades. We do this for the simple reason that students who explicitly learn how to recognize and manage their emotions reap positive benefits in their future.

Apart from this aspect, Rahul International School (RIS) is also well-known for it being an initiative of Rahul Education. Our core objective is to make good quality education available for children in places like Palghar, Umroli, Boisar & Vangaon. RIS offers admission to eligible students from Pre-primary to Class X. RIS provides immense benefits to the students who plan to appear for the competitive examinations for their higher education. With world class infrastructure, experienced and qualified faculty and efficient administrative set up that is being offered, RIS will focus on 'Be the Best' in this part of Palghar District, making it truly an international school any child would love. Our faculty and the wider school community proudly reflect the shared vision, commitment and energy necessary to ensure the individual success of every student; because we believe, that each student is unique, with equal potential to make a positive contribution to our society.

We aim to provide the direction, counsel and support that each student needs to reach his/her full potential during his or her childhood, which will further reflect in their adult life. While we have established high standards for academic achievement and performance, our educational programme has been created with an emphasis on the development of the child’s whole being.

About Rahul Education

Rahul Education, the parent organization covering five registered educational societies, is a reputed quality education provider. It comprises of 36 institutions spread across Thane and Palghar districts of Maharashtra, and Chandauli district of Uttar Pradesh.

Ever since the commencement of its first school in Bhayander in the year 1992, Rahul Education has diligently followed the path of delivering 360 degree quality education. Rahul Education is already providing education in all streams of Engineering, Polytechnic, Architecture, Design Studies, M. Ed., B. Ed., D. T. Ed., E. C. C. Ed., Junior College (Commerce and Science), IGCSE, ICSE, CBSE, & SSC Curriculum. It is further expanding its horizons by venturing into the following educational milestones like Medical College, Established Deemed University, Spreading Education to 100000 students by 2021.

Apart from these milestones and to adhere to its path of delivering 360 degree quality education, Rahul Education will also be opening a Law College and a Degree College of Commerce, Science & Arts in the newly formed Palghar district of Maharashtra.

As the year 2017 marks a quarter of a century since the Group’s inception, the educational organization has decided to commemorate the occasion by establishing a Knowledge City in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The underlying goal behind such a step is to elevate the standard of education within the country and spread its benefits to all. This Knowledge City will be fully equipped with state of the art facilities and all modern equipments to bring world class education to the people of Uttar Pradesh. This will also enable the group to fulfill the lifelong dream of its founder Shri Ramadhar J. Tiwari to have a thriving educational institution in his native place of Mahuar Kalan.

Rahul Education is proud of its 45000 students and their parents who boast about it's commitment to provide quality education from Pre-school to Post Graduation.

Each individual at Rahul Education works with the single vision of providing education for all and achieving the mission of bringing progress through comprehensive quality education.

Rahul Education aims to establish itself as an exemplary leader in the education sector in India. It’s logo, 'A Burning Torch' represents it’s desire and passion to spread the light of knowledge in the lives of the young generation that will take India forward on the path of progress and peace.


From The Chairman Desk

Cinque Terre

“In all my years working as an educator, I had observed and concluded that the key to school success is love and passion for what we believe, say and do. I believe learning is what matters because it leads to excellence and success in the life of an individual.” Welcome to Rahul Education Group!!!

Shree L. R. Tiwari
Chairman - Shree Rahul Education Society

From The President's Desk

Cinque Terre

Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders. We strongly believe in this and continue to nurture students into becoming independent and skilled citizens of tomorrow. Since education is the key to fight against all odds, we offer students the gift of education and do their bit for the betterment of society.

Smt. K. L. Tiwari
President - Shree Rahul Education Society

From The Secretary Desk

Cinque Terre

“I feel proud to express that Rahul International School encourages and empowers our students to learn, create, develop, and share technology and computer science principles in a supportive work‐based learning community. The technical skills they learn today will aid their ability to be efficient, innovative and social in the future.”

Shree. Rahul. L. Tiwari
Secretary - Shree Rahul Education Society

From The JointSecretary Desk

Cinque Terre

“At RIS, we are passionate about making the teaching-learning process joyous for young learners. Our teachers dedicate themselves to meticulous planning & execution of curriculum through proven pedagogy suited for students ”

Smt. Krishna Tiwari
JointSecretary - Shree Rahul Education Society

From The Principal's Desk

Rahul International School caters for your child’s learning, becoming and growing. As the Head of School, I am pleased to lead such a dynamic and internationally- diverse organization.
Our school believes in educating the “whole child”. We adhere to the philosophies of education and curricula that are concept-driven when students are guided in constructing meaning through making connections across curriculum areas and with the real world. We also believe that teachers have a very important role to play in inspiring students and staff to become life-long learners.
We hold the loftiest of aspirations for our school and a singleness of purpose that we will do all possible to prepare our students to achieve to the highest level possible, to lead, to be honorable, ethical and adaptable.
I am sure in years to come to the reflections of our graduates and our alumni and their parents will speak of the quality of relationships between teachers and students. Our students are challenged by their teachers and this community to be their best and to care for one another.
Rahul International School is a very young dynamic school. Our reputation is founded on the motivation of our students, the skill of our faculty, and unprecedented participation by our parent community.
We hold uncommonly high expectations and our student learning results, in future will provide every reason to be proud.

Mr.Yigal S.Banker

Infrastructure and Facilities


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Vision, Mission & Philosophy


“ A culturally diverse skill –oriented international school where children can achieve the skills of Global Citizenship, leadership, communication , Emotional intelligence , entrepreneurship , problem solving and team working for future preparedness"


“To empower children to unfold their potentials as whole and unique persons, and through them create a peaceful world community through Quality education”

Our Philosophy

We believe that:
01) Honesty and integrity are essential for building trusting relationships.
02) Each person is unique and has equal worth.
03) All people are responsible for their actions.
04) Open-mindedness, empathy, and compassion are essential for living in a global community.
05) A thorough education includes the development of the qualities of compassion, tolerance, respect for the rights and cultures of all people, the skills for the peaceful resolution of conflict, and the development of environmental responsibility.
06) Developing head, heart, and hands is necessary to realize one’s potential
07) Expectations that are challenging lead to higher levels of performance and improve results.
08) Commitment, enthusiasm, and perseverance lead to success.
09) Education is a shared responsibility of students, family and school.
10) Everyone has the responsibility to contribute positively to society and the environment.
11) Celebrating diversity enriches our lives and the life of the community.
12) Nurturing curiosity and creativity stimulates exploration and discovery throughout life.
13) School should foster an atmosphere of academic excellence and encourage intellectual inquiry and critical thinking.
14) Achievement in the physical, expressive and creative arts is an essential part of a holistic education.
15) The School is a community, and social awareness, thoughtful interaction and effective communication among students, parents, and staff are fundamental to its well-being.