Curriculum Design

Curriculum at RIS

Depth of Learning

Learning and thinking skill

Basic (#2)
Name, describe, follow instructions, recall information, ask basic questions, use, match, report, measure, list, label, illustrate, recognise, tell, repeat, arrange, Define, memorise

Advancing (#3)
Apply skills to solve problems, explain methods, classify, infer, categorise, identify patterns, organise, modify, predict, interpret, summarise, make observations, estimate, compare

Deep (#4)
Solve non-routine problems, Appraise, explain concepts, hypothesise, investigate, cite evidence, design, create, prove

Learning Behaviors:

Personal attributes

Working on my own and as part of a team
(independence, resilience, empathy, responsibility...)

Knowing my strengths and weaknesses
(confidence, motivation, self-management...)

Sticking at it
(persevering, managing change, taking risks...)

Lifelong Learning
(motivation, aspiration, curiosity, creativity...)

Knowledge: Pupils should develop the knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live.