Shree L. R. Tiwari


“In all my years working as an educator, I had observed and concluded that the key to school success is love and passion for what we believe, say and do. I believe learning is what matters because it leads to excellence and success in the life of an individual.” Welcome to Rahul Education Group!!!

Smt. K. L. Tiwari


“Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders. We strongly believe in this and continue to nurture students into becoming independent and skilled citizens of tomorrow. Since education is the key to fight against all odds, we offer students the gift of education and train them to do their bit for the betterment of society.”

Shree. Rahul. L. Tiwari


“I feel proud to express that Rahul International School encourages and empowers our students to learn, create, develop, and share technology and computer science principles in a supportive work‐based learning community. The technical skills they learn today will aid their ability to be efficient, innovative and social in the future.”

Smt. Krishna Tiwari

Joint Secretary

“At RIS, we are passionate about making the teaching-learning process joyous for young learners. Our teachers dedicate themselves to meticulous planning & execution of the curriculum, through proven pedagogy suited for students.”