Music Room

We have a dedicated music and cultural room with musical equipment, dedicated staff and training facilities.

Cafeteria & Food

We have a spacious and hygienic canteen that serves fresh and healthy food for children and staff.

Digital Learning

All our classrooms have digital learning facilities for better understanding of concepts and subjects.

Medical Facilities

We have on-campus medical facilities for complete care in case of illness and emergencies.

Mathematics Lab

The Mathematics Lab is a place to enjoy Mathematics through informal exploration, where learners can tackle problems and work hard to get the answer.

Swimming pool

We have an on-campus swimming pool that is accessible to the students to promote water sports and physical wellness.

Spanish Lab

The Language Lab is extremely useful in facilitating classroom engagement and ensures interaction via a computer with exercises and activities to maximize language immersion.


We have an excellent library with a large number of text books, story books, activity books and other required resources.

Computer Lab

We have a dedicated computer room with a capacity to accommodate 60 students at a time.


The school auditorium has good acoustics and caters to the specific requirements of the performing arts, right from stage to seating along with the logistics.

Play House (KG)

The school’s playhouse is an important facility for children. It guarantees a positive impact on the child’s development and leads to easy learning.

Sports Room

We have a special indoor sports’ room with games like chess, table tennis, carom boards and more.

Biology Lab

We have a well-equipped Biology Lab with the required apparatus, equipment and other elements necessary for science and related studies.

Play Area

The school’s play area is a secure environment with good quality playground equipment. Students build confidence, gain understanding of space, speed and color, and spend energy well, as they play.

Toy Room

The Toy Room has essential educational toys that provide an opportunity for the child to learn as it stimulates thinking.. It can help develop a particular skill, make communication effective and help learn different life skills.

Physics Lab

We have a well-equipped Physics Lab with major apparatus, equipment and chemicals necessary for science and related studies.

Chemistry Lab

We have a well-equipped Chemistry Lab with major apparatus, equipment and chemicals necessary for science and related studies.


The ICT Lab plays a catalytic role in enhancing learning in the classroom and beyond, as it gives practical knowledge to the children.