Elementary School

Age Criteria: 6 Years – 10 Years
Grades : Grade 1 – Grade 5

Elementary School

Elementary School

Why Rahul International School?

At Rahul International School, we provide a happy and caring environment in which various challenges are set for the students who take an active initiative in their own learning. We provide an education based on best practices catering to students’ individual needs, keeping in mind that each child is unique by himself/herself. This will help our children to communicate, question, inquire, be independent, be risk-takers, be creative thinkers, be responsible and caring and graciously fulfill all duties as good citizens.

We make learning fun

Impeccable Environment

The learners enter this new zealous environment, fresh as wet clay and we mold them into individuals, which we aspire to achieve as stated in the vision and mission statement. They are taught subjects such as English (1st Language), Hindi (2nd Language), Marathi (3rd Language), Spanish (Foreign Language), Math, Thematic, Music, Art, and Sports. Every month the learners of the said group are given topics and areas of discussion, which are integrated with our pedagogy. The themes vary such as Global Peace and Unity, Tracing Humans, Change begins with me, etc.

The Elementary School from Grade 1 to 5.