High School

Age Criteria: 15 Years – 16 Years
Grades : Grade 9 – Grade 10

Middle School

Pre School

Our Offering

RIS offers a complete high school program designed to prepare students for college and university admission. It offers an academically rigorous and challenging program that is recognized in most countries of the world.

Make your child supremely skillful

Teaching & Learning Culture

During these years, the learner is expected to showcase all his skills acquired in the formative years of learning. We, as educators, will work towards paying a heap of attention towards the grades of the learner to make him/her/them achieve what they aspire to be. In the lieu of grades, we won’t forget that the learner is still learning, for it is a continuous process. Hence our pedagogy will revolve not only around academics but will also be learner-centered to help develop a set of skills in the co-curricular and extra-curricular fields.

Learners will be appearing for Board Exam in Grade 10.