Foundation of Success

Education is undoubtedly the most important input for the progress of a country. The initial years of schooling generally decide the direction of the future journey of a child and his ultimate career. During these years a child develops interest in certain subjects and areas, identity his own potential and develops self-confidence that lays the foundation for the future course. It is therefore universally accepted that ‘Good education is the foundation of success in life.

We, at Rahul Group have understood this universal truth very well and therefore strive to offer quality education with missionary zeal to nearly 35000 students enrolled in our 31 institutes from Nursery to Engineering.

The Rahul International School in Nallasopara, an esteemed institute, promises to offer quality education, which as a parent you would have wished for your child. It will be our endeavor to strike a right balance between curricular and co-curricular activities in order to ensure all-round development of the personality of your child.

Shree L. R. Tiwari, Chairman - Shree Rahul Education Society

Hon. Secretary's Desk

RIS is a truly international school, our faculty and the wider school community proudly reflect the shared vision, commitment, and the energy necessary to ensure the education success of every student. We believe that each student is a unique individual with equal potential to make a positive contribution to our society. We aim to provide the direction, counsel and support that each student needs to reach his/her full potential. While we have established high standards for academic achievement and performance, our educational programme has been created with an emphasis on the development of the whole person.

Rahul International School promotes a high standard of scholarship, responsibility and citizenship in a supportive, international personality. We implement a student-centered approach to instruction following an inquiry-based and interdisciplinary curriculum. The success of our community relies upon the teamwork, motivation and collaboration of students, teachers, staff, and parents. Our goal is to encourage critical thinkers, responsible global citizens and students both in their subsequent education and throughout their careers.

Shree Rahul Tiwari, Secretary - Shree Rahul Education Society

Jt. Secretary's Desk

Lifelong learning begins in the Lower School. From the first moments of purposeful play and interaction in our Flopsy Bunnies Programme, through the integrated assessment tasks in the 4th class, our students are learning about themselves, each other and the world around them. Our teachers work collaboratively to plan developmentally-appropriate, stimulating and positive learning experiences that help children to develop a deep understanding of important and relevant themes. Our academic programme supports children as they build a strong foundation in reading, writing, math and science. We also believe that learning should be an active process that allows children to take risks, grow in personal understanding, expand their knowledge and encourage children to express opinions, work collaboratively, tackle moral dilemmas and resolve conflicts. We believe in an inquiry based approach to the process of learning that emphasis and addressing, the inevitably broad range of developmental needs of children aged between two and ten. Our students engage in planned interdisciplinary and multicultural learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom.

Smt. K. L. Tiwari, Jt. Secretary - Shree Rahul Education Society

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